Let your dreams fly high!

We believe there are lots of brilliant ideas out there. Do you have one of those great ideas which deserve to become real?


Your R&D team is here!

Product development requires heavy investment on R&D resources and often good product ideas get dumped because there just isn’t enough suitable competences available. Or because it would require making too long term financial and human commitments, like recruiting a large R&D team.

Our widely skilled and experienced R&D team can make it for you. Stay focused on your dream and let us do the tricky technology work for you!


Can do!

Your development project or maintenance task could include concepting, system design, software, mobile  apps, cloud services, electronics, mechanics, industrial design, graphics design – We have the competences and resources for all that.

In addition to the technical competences we can offer project management, management support and services, software and mechanics testing and test automation competences, customer support and sourcing.



Who are we?

Our background is in Nokia and Microsoft mobile phones R&D. From there we have strong experience in large scale global mobile phone and software development projects.

Lately we have been working in various development projects, see the References page for a list of our happy customers. One of the latest achievements for this team is the award-winning NUVIZ Head-up Display, a navigation and communication device for motorcycling.



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